The Links below will open two PDF files: one containing a list of English & Welsh gunsmiths and gunmakers from around 1550 to about 1850*; the other a list of gunsmiths and gunmakers from Birmingham and its environs. The lists have been compiled from free on-line sources such as County Record and Archive Offices and The National Archives, but must not be considered definitive. The search and compilation was first made during the Winter of 2014/15 and updated in 2016.

The on-line sources of English & Welsh County Record and Archive Offices vary enormously, some as yet having no searchable digitised records, while in other Offices the digitalisation of records can vary from 20% to 80%. Each county record office is listed alphabetically, although this may cause some confusion as Yorkshire and Sussex, for instance, are split into east and west. The Record Office document reference is shown on the right hand side and the date of the document on the left. The PDFs are searchable via Edit on the drop-down menu, select Find and enter the search word.

Those on-line gunsmiths records available from Bristol Record Office are included but a complete list of Bristol gunmakers can be found in the publication, Bristol Gunmakers from the 16th to 20th Century, 2012 available from Ken Trotman Books.

*excluding London gunsmiths/gunmakers - these can be found in the 2 volumes of London Gunmakers 1350 - 1850 by Howard Blackmore, London 1986 & 1999.


English and Welsh Gunsmiths and Gunmakers around 1550 to about 1850*

Gunsmiths and Gunmakers from Birmingham and its environs


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Stan Cook's Gunmakers Database

Stan Cook established the Gunmakers & Allied Trades Index in 1982. As of April 2004 over 9000 surnames are listed, covering a total of at least 25,000 individual workers. The collection has information about gun trade people working in the U.K. from the start of the trade before 1500 up to 1901. Contact details here